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Popular e-bikes

Ambassador AXS H-7

Coaster brake
21 495 SEK incl. VAT

    Ambassador AXS M-8 E5

    Coaster brake, Comfort bike, Foot break, Mid-drive motor, Range 60-120 km
    27 995 SEK incl. VAT

    Tripper HS M-10

    Hybrid, Hydraulic disc break, Mid-drive motor, Range 75-185 km
    29 995 SEK incl. VAT

    Flexer AXS FOLD H-3 20

    3 gear, coaster break, Foldable, Range 40-85 km
    20 995 SEK incl. VAT

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    Electric bike specialists

    Since the start in 2008 we at Ecoride have had the pleasure to deliver over 100.000 electric bikes in Sweden and Northern Europe. That has made us and our retailers specialist in electric bikes.

    We will guide you to choose the right model, at the right price, but above all we are specialized in keeping your e-bike rolling - year after year. An e-bike is more complicated and demands more love than a traditional bike, and this is something we know all about after 14 years.

    This doesn't only apply to us as your e-bike producer, it also puts high demands on which e-bike retailers and service workshops we choose to collaborate with.

    How does an electric bike work?

    We only develop e-bikes that are produced to suit our nordic climate. An e-bike from Ecoride is either equipped with our own developed nav motor Ecoride Drive System or a mid-drive system from Shimano STEPS.

    An e-bike may be equipped with a maximum of 250W in motor power and drive speed up to 25km/h, but it is okay to go faster with the help of the pedals.

    Read more on our support page with frequently asked questions about e-bikes. If you wish to bike on trails, pull a bicycle trailer, drive a longer distance, or just like the feeling of a bit more speed? Please contact our customer service for more information and guidance.

    Selecting the right e-bike

    More and more people are choosing to park their car and instead get around on a bike with a diligent battery that helps on their way.

    Have you decided to get an e-bike? If so is the case, here we have listed 5 things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right e-bike for your lifestyle. Read more about how to find the right e-bike.

    Tips for the winter cyclist

    Winter means rougher conditions for both the cyclist and the e-cyclist - depending on where you live of course and other prevailing conditions.

    But it is not impossible to commute to work on your e-bike, despite the cold, darkness, snow or slush. Our best tips for winter biking.

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