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Ambassador AXS H-7

Coaster brake

22 495 SEK incl. VAT

    Ambassador AXS M-8 E5

    Coaster brake, Comfort bike, Foot break, Mid-drive motor, Range 60-120 km

    28 995 SEK incl. VAT

    Tripper HS M-10

    Hybrid, Hydraulic disc break, Mid-drive motor, Range 75-185 km

    30 995 SEK incl. VAT

    Flexer AXS FOLD H-3 20

    3 gear, coaster break, Foldable, Range 40-85 km

    21 995 SEK incl. VAT

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    Swedish e-bike specialists

    We know all about electric bikes

    Since the start in 2008, we at Ecoride have had the pleasure of delivering over 100,000 e-bikes in Sweden and Northern Europe, making us and our dealers specialists in e-bikes. We help you choose the right model, at the right price, and above all we specialise in keeping your electric bike running – year in and year out.

    An e-bike is more complicated and requires more love than a traditional bike, and this is something we know all about after our 14 years. This not only applies to us as an e-bike manufacturer, it also places high demands on the e-bike retailers and service partners we choose to work with.

    In our concept stores in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, you can test ride and ask our experts questions before buying an e-bike. Of course, you can also buy an electric bike in the stores!

    With an electric bike from Ecoride, you get a lot of quality for your money. Our electric bikes are manufactured in Sweden and have been voted best in test several times. With your electric bike, you make your everyday commute easier, avoid slow traffic jams and crowded public transport, and get exercise at the same time. The electric bike works just like a regular bike, but the electric motor gives you extra power when you pedal.

    Our e-bikes

    Why electric bike

    What is an electric bike?

    Electrically assisted bicycle

    An e-bike is just like a regular bike, but it has a battery, an electrical system with controls, a display and a motor that can be located at the front, back or in the hub at the pedals. In other words, an electrically assisted bicycle.

    How fast does an e-bike go?

    An e-bike can be equipped with a maximum of 250W of motor power and can go up to 25km/h, but you can go faster using the pedals. Above 25km/h you won't get any electric assistance but you can of course go faster using the pedals.

    How long does the battery last?

    The range of the battery depends of course on the size of the battery, but many other factors also play a role. Road surface, load weight, temperature and tyre pressure are some of these factors. Our e-bikes have a range of 45-85 km.

    Electric bikes for a Nordic climate

    We only develop electric bikes specially designed for our Nordic climate. An electric bike from Ecoride is either equipped with our proprietary hub motor system Ecoride Drive System, or a centre motor system from the well-known Shimano STEPS. In our magazine you can read more about the advantages of each system and the differences between the hub motor and the centre motor.

    Why buy an electric bike?

    Perfect for commuting

    It's much faster than a regular bike, and often faster than public transport too. Commuting with an e-bike is comfortable and you choose how much assistance you want your motor to give you.

    Good for your health and well-being

    Many of us have sedentary jobs where we get little physical activity during the working day. Starting the day with a bike ride and fresh air has several health benefits.

    Electric bikes are good for your wallet

    Buying an e-bike may seem like a big expense, but it's actually an investment. In fact, you quickly save the money you would otherwise spend on petrol, parking or bus passes.
    Eliminate everyday stress and congestionBicycling is one of the most efficient ways to get around, especially in the city. With an electric bike, you can get going quickly in the morning. Avoid the stress of mile-long traffic jams, full car parks and delayed buses. You can park your e-bike for free and set your own timetable. Maybe you can find a shortcut where the car can't go?

    Eco-friendly, fun and easy commuting

    One of the biggest advantages of commuting with an electric bike is of course the environment. An electric bike is a climate-smart choice when it comes to commuting. It has low emissions compared to other vehicles such as cars, trains and buses. By choosing an electric bike, you contribute to better air quality, reduced road wear and a noise-free environment. It's a magical feeling to glide effortlessly up a hill (if you want to). And above all, the e-bike is easy to use and maintain.

    How to choose the right electric bike

    More and more people are choosing to ditch the car and get around on a bicycle saddle with a lively battery to help them along. Have you decided to go electric?

    Our concept stores in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö or our retailers can help you map your needs. To consider before buying is:

    In what terrain will you be cycling?

    Do you have a lot of hills or will you mostly cycle in the city or on straight stretches? Our electric bikes have either a hub motor in the front or rear wheel with Ecoride Drive Systems or a centre motor with Shimano STEPS.

    How far will you cycle?

    Our e-bikes' batteries have a range of 45-85 km, depending on the motor you choose. If you're cycling within 20 kilometres, the e-bike will do without charging, otherwise you can easily remove and recharge. The battery charges quickly, about 3 hours if fully discharged.

    What will you use your electric bike for?

    Will you be commuting to work by bike? Do you need to load grocery bags or pick up children? Or should it be able to be taken on the commuter train? We have models for all needs!

    How do you treat your e-bike?

    After your purchase, there are some care tips to follow to look after your e-bike and get the most out of it. In our guide, you can read more about our recommendations for longevity.
    To get as many years as possible, it's important to look after and service your e-bike. Of course, how often your e-bike will need servicing varies.

    Servicing an e-bike

    A frequently used e-bike should be serviced every six months for major maintenance and occasionally for minor maintenance. For an e-bike that is not used as often, a professional service every 12 months is sufficient.

    What to do with your e-bike

    Store your e-bike safely and preferably under cover.
    This will reduce wear and tear from rain and sun drying out.

    Give your e-bike chain love

    Use degreaser to remove old grease and oil residues, remove dirt and re-oil the chain with new oil. Between oiling the chain, it's a good idea to periodically remove dirt with a clean cloth.

    The battery is the heart of the e-bike

    To extend the life of the battery, it is important not to let it fully discharge. A good rule of thumb is to keep the battery charged to 60-70%.

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