What started in 2008, there was no electric bicycle market. Since then when we have built more than 50 000 electric bicycles and can be found at 200 dealers in four countries. The year of 2020 is special to us. We do a relaunch of the entire Ecoride brand. With new fine electric bikes, new visuality, new factory, new energy. What has not changed, however, is our commitment to developing the foremost electric bicycles for the Nordic market. Just as before, all our development work takes place in Gothenburg and in our new factory in Gdansk in Poland, we quality test all the bicycles. Electric bikes that make life easier and the planet more sustainable. Quickly and easily you can cycle from work, to training, to the grocery store, to dinner, to the sea, to pick-up kids, to the party, to the forest, to the Friday cuddle and back to work. With Ecoride, it becomes so obvious and lovely to cycle through everyday life. That is what we call Ride + Life. And for us it is a way to change the world. 

Company info:
Ecoride AB, org-nr: 556764-6871

Press release

Ecoride 2.0 Press, ENGLISH, 2020-10-08: Read press release here

Ecoride 2.0 Press, CHINESE 中文, 2020-10-08: 查看所有新闻

Ecoride 2.0 Press, SWEDISH, 2020-10-08: Läs pressmeddelande här


2008 Ecoride founded

2010 First Ecoride store was opened in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2011 We open up own stores in Stockholm and Malmö

2011 Dealers around in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland start Selling our products.

2012 We open our own e-bike factory in China, Jiangsu, Kunshan.

2014 We launch our sister brand Walleräng modular e-bikes, which wins designprices in the Eurobike fair in Germany. Walleräng ebikes were sold in countries like Germany, Australia, Sweden and USA.

2015 We launch our own e-bike system brand, spintech.

2015 We move to bigger production facilities in China, 6000m2.

2017 We move our production from China to Poland, Gdansk.

2019 We move to bigger production facilities in Gdansk.

2020 We launch Ecoride 2.0, which is a merge of all our brands under Ecoride. We do that with a new brand book, better structure of our e-bike model program and an upgraded business model.

200 dealers and three own stores.

Except our 200 dealers in Scandinavia we also have three of own stores in Sweden, in the cities Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. If you want to test-ride a Ecoride or ask an e-bike related question, you are more than welcome to visit us.

The Swedish E-bike Manufacturer

All our e-bike are built and tested in our own factory in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ecoride Drive System – The system

Our own E-bike system which includes all the necessary components and benifits of a modern e-bike system.

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