At EcoRide AB, we think your personal integrity is important and that you should feel secure entrusting your personal data to us. In compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this policy clarifies how we work to protect your integrity and rights.

The policy is intended to give you information about how we process your personal data, what we use it for, who can access it and under what circumstances and how you can exercise your rights.

- Responsibility for personal data
EcoRide AB is the data controller for the processing of personal data on our websites and in our shops which are run by EcoRide AB.

- Contact details
You can reach us at You can also contact us by writing to EcoRide AB, E A Rosengrens gata 1, 42131 Västra Frölunda, Sweden.

- Collection 
Personal data is any kind of information that can be attributed directly or indirectly to a live physical person. For example, this applies to name, personal identification number, address, email address and telephone number. It also applies to things like booking numbers and encrypted data, and different types of electronic identities when they can be linked to a physical person.

We only process personal data when we have legal grounds to do so. We do not process personal data except when required to carry out contractual and legal obligations. Here are examples of the personal data we process:

- Name
- Address
- Email address
- Telephone number
- Gender
- Title
- Purchase history
- Information that you register voluntarily and of your own accord
- Content that you publish yourself (user generated content)

- How we collect data
For processing personal data, we have legal grounds such as a contract, legal relationship, legitimate interest or, for example, consent. You have the right to ask us to stop processing your personal data at any time. We will then stop processing your personal data and collecting new data about you, providing that it is not required to fulfil our contractual or legal obligations. Remember that withdrawing your consent may mean that we cannot fulfil the obligations we have towards you.

We also gain access to your personal data in the following ways:
Information that you provide us with directly
Information that you register when you visit our website
Information that we get from public registers
Information that we receive when you become our customer
Information that you receive when you register for any events
Information that we receive when you register for any newsletter or other mailings
Information that we receive when you respond to any surveys or questionnaires
Information that we receive when you contact us, seek employment with us, visit us or make contact with us in some other way

We develop procedures and ways of working to handle your personal data securely. Our starting point is always that only employees and people within the organisation who need access to personal data to carry out their tasks should have access to them.

Our security system has been developed with your integrity in focus and provides very high levels of protection against intrusion, destruction and other changes which can entail a risk to your integrity.

EcoRide AB processes your personal data according to the law. It may happen that the same personal data is processed both in order to fulfil our contractual obligations and because the information is necessary to fulfil other legal obligations or is specifically controlled by consent.  This means that even if you withdraw your consent and the processing based upon that consent ceases, we may still store your personal data for other purposes. We primarily process your data to fulfil a contract to which you are a party, and for legal obligations such as accounting obligations as stated in the Swedish Bookkeeping Act.

The information that you provide can be used for the following purposes:
To provide customer care and information about our services and events
Sales and marketing activities in the form of direct mailings or telephone contact
To obtain statistics and information about user behaviour to improve our website and the user experience it provides
So that we can give you a more personal experience and deliver product offers and other content that you may be interested in
Customer care

We use your personal data to be able to offer you service if you contact us with questions or comments. We use your contact details, such as your email address and telephone number, so that we can contact you in relation to questions and issues, for example relating to the purchase of an e-bike from us. We may also use all of the other personal data that we have collected about you to handle your question or issue, depending on what is relevant in the individual case – for example, service and warranty issues regarding your e-bike.

Customer information may also be used in a marketing context, and in relation to sending out invitations to any events.

If you have registered for any mailing from us, we use your personal data to send you information and to adapt the content of the newsletter to you, where applicable. This can include both your email address and your user patterns and preferences.

We may also use the data we have collected about our customers to develop and improve our services. We primarily use anonymous or anonymised data on an overall level, when required. However, we may also use personal data we have collected if it is relevant.

EcoRide AB stores your personal data for as long as required for the purpose of processing. The same personal data can be stored in several different places for different purposes. This can mean that data which has been deleted from one system because it is no longer necessary can remain in another system where it has been stored on the basis of consent or for a purpose where personal data is still required.

We take ongoing measures to fulfil the principles of “built-in data protection and data protection as standard”. We continuously evaluate the risks of the personal data processing that we carry out, and take the necessary security measures to reduce risks, such as secure encryption during communication and handling of data in our systems.

- Disclosure of personal data
We will never disclose your personal data to any third party unless you have consented to this or it is necessary to fulfil our contractual or legal obligations. 

- Data processor
We use a number of different IT services and systems in our business. Personal data is stored and handled in some of these. We ensure the privacy and security of your data during all such handling. Some systems are installed locally within our organisation and only our personnel have access to this data. In these cases, no transfer to third parties takes place. However, some systems are cloud solutions or are installed on our suppliers’ infrastructure, which means that we transfer personal data to the relevant supplier. In these cases, the supplier is the data processor and handles the data on our behalf and according to our instructions.

- Your rights
All personal data processing carried out by EcoRide AB has a legal basis such as a contract, legal relationship, legitimate interest or, for example, consent. Some processing of personal data is necessary for us to be able to fulfil a contract with you all so that we can fulfil a legal obligation.

- Withdrawal of consent
You can choose to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us on the above contact details. If you withdraw your consent, we will delete the personal data and stop processing your personal data. However, the same personal data may be processed if the data is necessary to fulfil legal obligations or on the basis of other rules, such as contracts or special legislation. This means that even if you withdraw your consent and the processing based upon that consent ceases, we may still store your personal data for other purposes.

If you would like information about the data we have registered about you, you can apply for this in writing to the above address. The register extract can be provided on request and is free once per year.

You also have the right to request deletion, addition or correction of data about you. You also have the right to request that processing of your personal data is limited to certain purposes.

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