Thinking about e-bikes for your company?

E-bikes for companies

We have many solution for companies. Please contact us if your company are interested in e-bikes.

E-bikes for municipality

Please contact us if your municipality are interested in e-bikes.

There are many options and advantages for companies, municipalities and organisations to use e-bikes.

Simple, fast transport for employees by e-bike
With an e-bike, you and your employees can quickly and conveniently transport yourself to meetings and customers – both over short and longer distances. By setting up a resource in Outlook or a similar system, you can also create a convenient booking system for the company’s e-bikes for corporate use.

Create good PR with a company e-bike with unique branding/company logo
Print your company logo and install it on your e-bikes to be seen around town and at meetings.

Fresh air and exercise
An e-bike ride is a pleasant and uplifting experience in the fresh air.

Energised rather than sweaty
Even if you're cycling a longer distance, you reach your destination fresh and energised rather than sweaty and breathless.

Fast and effective transport by e-bike
It’s often faster and more efficient to use an e-bike than either a car or public transport.

E-bikes are a sustainable means of transport from an energy and environmental perspective.

Journeys taken with an e-bike are cheap for the company compared to other types of transport.

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