Walleräng Modular E-bikes integrates into Ecoride

Walleräng E-bikes started in 2015 as a sister company to Ecoride with a bold idea to change the electric bike market. The insight was based on the fact that it was not only electric bicycles that needed to be improved, but what transport options they could actuallysolve. Therefore, the Walleräng Modular System (WMS) was developed, which consisted of a front and a rear platform where you could mount different types of transport accessories, such as bags and baskets, with the use of a click system.

With a flying start and design awards, there was no doubt that the idea held up or that the bikes were of the right caliber. After 5 years, however, it has proved costly and in the name of honesty quite cumbersome to develop such a unique product from scratch. Therefore, we want to mark this end of an era also as a new beginning, as the Walleräng soul will live on inside of Ecoride,

We have today replaced the WMS system with the AVS system, from the Swedish company Atran Velo, which has this as its main focus and makes it much easier to develop accessories for. In addition, selected Walleräng models will continue to be available under the Ecoride name and in the Tripper series, so the design will also live on and above all the idea -Redefining Everyday Travel!

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