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An e-bike gets you from point A to B with ease - on your own terms. With a pedal power of up to 25 km/h, you can commute into town in style without breaking a sweat, or go on longer cycling adventures with your basket filled with your essentials. In recent years, electric bikes have had a major breakthrough and many people are replacing their second car with an electric bike. An electric bike provides a sense of freedom in being able to easily get where you want to go, protects the environment, helps the economy and gives a nice health boost. Here's a guide to buying an e-bike safely and easily online.

Are you buying an e-bike?

We sell electric bikes through our own concept stores in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö and through a network of specialised retailers in Sweden. But you can also buy an Ecoride electric bike online. Simply click on your new electric bike in our web shop, pay via Klarna and pick it up at your nearest service point, so-called Click & Collect.

What should you consider when buying an e-bike?

If you're a new e-bike buyer, it's best to try a few different electric bikes before you decide and get advice from our experts (or your local bike shop). But it doesn't have to be that complicated either. Think about what you want to use your e-bike for, how far you want it to travel on one charge and what kind of terrain you plan to ride on. Based on this, it is then much easier to make a decision when you buy the electric bike online.

You can also test your preferences in our e-bike picker guide and pick up some more tips in the article 5 things to consider when choosing an e-bike in our magazine.

Concept stores in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö

In our concept stores at Skanstorget in Gothenburg, Hornsgatan in Stockholm and Storgatan in Malmö, our e-bike experts are happy to guide you through our models. What should I choose? What is the difference between a hub motor and a centre motor? Which electric bike system do I need for my needs, Ecoride Drive System or Shimano Steps? There are many questions, and if you can’t find answers here, our experts are sure to have the answers for you.

If you buy the electric bike in our stores, we offer interest-free instalments for 24 months (administrative fees apply), via Svea Ekonomi.

Where our concept stores are located, we also have professional workshops. So you can always count on getting the help you need with service and workshop matters.

Our concept stores

Electric bike dealers from north to south

Our Ecoride e-bikes are also sold through an exclusive and trusted network of authorised dealers and partners. Since our modern electric bikes are complex products, it is a great advantage and important for you as a customer to ensure that the first assembly, service and handling of parts is carried out with a high level of knowledge and experience. Our dealers can help you with advice, delivery, service and support of your Ecoride. Find your nearest dealer here.

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Electric bike online shop with Click & Collect

Of course, you can also buy your Ecoride e-bike directly here on our website. When you know which model you want, just click home what you want. Our e-commerce is based on Click & Collect, ie you order the bike you want via the website and then choose which dealer you want to get it delivered – assembled and quality assured and ready to ride!

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Frequently asked questions about buying an e-bike

How fast does an e-bike go?

An e-bike has a motor that can assist up to a maximum of 25km/h. But of course you can pedal faster than that, without the motor's assistance

Do I have to pedal an e-bike?

Yes, you do. An e-bike is a further development of an ordinary bicycle, with standard components such as a motor, battery, control box, display and sensors. An e-bike assists your pedalling by providing torque via the motor. The motor is located either in the front or rear wheel (hub motor) or fixed to the frame in the centre of the e-bike (centre motor).

With a hub motor, you get more assistance between pedalling and you get the feeling of being propelled by your e-bike. With a centre motor, you get more pedalling assistance and a greater cycling experience. Read more about hub motors and mid motors here.

What is the weight of an e-bike?

An e-bike weighs about 25kg, which is more than a regular bike as it has components such as the motor, battery and steering box.

How fast can you ride an e-bike?

An e-bike can have assistance up to a maximum of 25 km/h according to legal requirements. The sensors detect how hard you pedal. Above 25km/h, the electric bike works like a normal bike. It is also possible to switch off the assistance completely on the display, after which the electric bike works as a normal bike. So no limit on speed!

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