Design and quality – Our love for details

With long experience of e-bikes, we’re highly conscious of how important quality is. We were amongst the very first companies to produce e-bikes in Sweden, and our first prototypes were out and about as early as 2007.

We don’t just make sure that the cycle and electrical functions work perfectly, but also carefully choose components from leading suppliers all around the world. We think that gear systems from Shimano, aluminium frames and rustproofed components are self evident for an e-bike to cope with the Nordic climate. All of our e-bikes fulfil European quality and safety standards.

Complete control
Our e-bike components are carefully selected for safety and performance, and developed in collaboration with leading producers from countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and Taiwan. You will find original parts from companies including Shimano, SKS-Germany, Tektro, ABUS, Alexrims, Spanninga and Panasonic on our e-bikes. Final assembly is carried out to tough quality standards, which is verified through carefully designed procedures and tests. We constantly seek to improve our e-bikes and exploit new technologies.

Servicing close to you
Just like a traditional bicycle, an e-bike consists of parts that need maintenance and adjustment over time. So we have created a nationwide network of resellers and service centres to help you keep your bike in trim. Our e-bikes are built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, and if you need a hand with servicing your bike, we’re there to help you.

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