E-bike: The Ideal Mode of Transportation in a Car-Free City

Oslo's ambition is to become one of the world's most environmentally friendly cities. One of the goals to achieve this is for the city to become fossil-free by 2050. One of the more important initiatives for Oslo to achieve its environmental goals is the 'Car-free city life' project, which aims to reduce dependence on car traffic in the city center and promote sustainable transport, such as e-bikes.

More space for residents in a car-free city

There are several benefits to a car-free city center, both for people and the environment. Here we list five of them:

1. Reduced traffic noise: one of the most obvious benefits of a car-free city center is the reduction of traffic noise. This will improve the quality of life for people living and working in the area, and make it easier to enjoy the surrounding soundscape.

2. Better air quality: car traffic is a source of air pollution, which can cause health problems such as respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Reducing car traffic in city centers can reduce air pollution and improve air quality. Being able to walk or ride an electric bike helps to reduce pollution.

3. Improving road safety: less traffic means fewer accidents. A car-free city center can make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to move around, as there are fewer vehicles to pass, leading to less risk of collisions.

4. Improved accessibility: reducing car traffic can make city centers more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. Encouraging a car-free city center offers residents a more communal living environment where they can utilize the public spaces that would otherwise be taken up by cars. An e-bike is a good way to explore the car-free city.

5. Improved health:
walking or cycling in the city center is also a healthy alternative to driving. Physical activity can help reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and improve mental health. Electric bikes have the advantage of getting around quickly and covering longer distances.

Oslo car-free city
Reducing car traffic can make city centers more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists

Research shows the positive effects of e-bikes

To facilitate the switch from cars to other means of transport, Oslo residents could receive a subsidy for an e-bike. People who bought an e-bike could apply for a grant of up to NOK 5,000 for their purchase. The subsidy package was budgeted to include 1000 e-bikes. The applications came in quickly after only one month the quota was met.

The Institute of Transport Economics conducted a study in 2018 that analyzes the impact of the e-bike subsidy, revealing various positive effects. Data from test subjects showed that the test subjects who switched from a traditional bicycle to an e-bike road 12-18 km further each week. The e-bike is an excellent alternative to the car in a car-free city, making it a perfect substitute.

Riding an e-bike in an urban environment has many advantages. An e-bike is a fast and agile means of transportation that can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h, but it is possible to move at a higher pace using the pedals. The help of the motor allows you to move faster and cover longer distances. It is also advantageous when you need to carry a lot on your bike, such as grocery bags or gym bag, as the motor gives you a helping hand.

The European Green Capital of 2019

Since the launch of Car-free City Life in 2016, several measures have been developed and implemented:
1. No more car traffic on selected streets.
2. Expanding the network of cycle paths and improving infrastructure for cyclists.
3. Parking facilities outside the city center to reduce the number of cars inside the city.
4. Expansion of public transport lines for bus and tram.
5. Subsidized purchase of electric bikes

The outcome of the initiative was positive. The number of pedestrians and cyclists in Oslo has increased significantly due to the cut in car traffic and the promotion of other means of transport, such as electric bikes. Less car traffic has contributed to less air and noise pollution in the city.

Greening the city has paid off! Oslo was named The European Green Capital of 2019 after ranking as number one in 8 out of 12 points on how it works with climate and environmental issues.

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