Ecoride 2.0! A bit cooler and stylish, same good e-bikes.

What started in 2008, when there was no electric bicycle market. Since then when we have built more than 50 000 electric bicycles and can be found at 200 dealers in four countries. The year of 2020 is special to us. We do a relaunch of the entire Ecoride brand, with a new visuality, new fine electric bikes, new factory, new energy. Almost everything is new. What has not changed, however, is our commitment to developing the foremost electric bicycles for the Nordic market.

How we build our e-bikes

Just as before, all our development work takes place in Gothenburg, but we have now moved our entire production from Asia to Europe. Today all our e-bikes are built in Gdansk, Poland, where they are quality tested and carefully checked before sent on to the Nordic countries. Having our factory in Poland makes us both faster and better, since we easily can develop and test the bikes in a way we have not been able to do before. In addition we have the possibility to store more bikes in the new factory and thus offer shorter delivery time. 

Design and construction

What makes an Ecoride to an Ecoride is simple. It has an electrical drive system, fenders, locks and lighting. It should be easy to handle, and it should be possible to load your things on it. So far, so good.

But the most important thing is that the bike is safe. Safe to cycle on but also to handle when not sitting on it. The engine and battery weigh a lot, so it is important that the bike is prepared for it so that it has a low and good balance point. That is why we spend a lot of time making sure that our frames measure up to the purpose for which they are intended. We also select components that are of high quality, in the right price range and that suit our Nordic climate.

Life + Cycle 

For us, we are not finished when you roll out your e-bike from the store. Our aim is that your Ecoride will continue to roll smoothly for many, many years. Therefore we are extra careful when we develop our electric bikes. From design, drive systems and components to customer service.

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