Ecoride e-bike series – Ambassador, Tripper, Flexer and Loader.

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Prior to our launch we have spent a lot of time refining our model program of e-bikes. Because of that we have removed a whole bunch of models, all to make it easy and clear for you as a customer what the purpose of each series is. Nowadays, we now focus on four model series within specific segments. So let's present: Ambassador, Tripper, Flexer and Loader.

This is our comfort series. Ambassador is comfy, stable and a e-bike that is easy to cycle. The step is low and the bike provides a comfortable upright sitting position. Most of the Ambassadors have a foot brake at the rear and they all have well-chosen components for a safe and secure everyday transport. Ambassador is a safe family bike. You sit like a king and can easily bring a little buddy int the seat behind you. In the front you can put the basket to load with all the stuff you need. 

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This is our hybrid series for you with an active lifestyle. Tripper is a reaction-fast and sporty e-bike with a forward-leaning and active sitting position. You easily swish past everyone you have in front of you. Tripper loves adventures and is as made for a day in the mountains. We believe you will like the external gears and the responsive feel. All models offer loading both front and rear and of course they come equipped with quality components. Tripper comes with a straight frame, but also with a unisex frame for a lower step and optimal flexibility. Selected models are available with a damped front fork for extra comfort on uneven surfaces.

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This is our compact series and thereby our smallest electric bikes. Flexer is smooth and perfect for camping, to bring on the boat eller the car trip. It is a lovely, urband e-bike that goes along great in the city  life. The fact that it is collapsible makes it extra smart and easy to handle. Thanks to AVS platforms, you can customize Flexer based on your needs and load it with the packing you need.

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This is our cargo series. The electric bike 2.0 is made for you who wants to transport all your stuff by bike. Here you can easily bring all your packing, your kids and your big dog. Who needs a car when you can have a Loader? Here is room for everything. With a Loader it will be super easy and fun to combine commuting here and there with the rest of the life that needs to fit. And stay tuned, Loader is a series that we are developing right now!

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