Jan and Fia sold their car after buying an e-bike

Our customers are the core of our business and to show our appreciation to those who have loyally followed us since the beginning of Ecoride, we have chosen to highlight our dedicated customers in this series of articles.

Last time, Maria Molin from Utby was in the spotlight and now it is Jan Sandberg who is in focus. Jan is 50 years old, has two children and works in the restaurant industry. In his spare time he likes to play golf and cycle around on his electric bike from Ecoride in the Gothenburg area with his wife Fia. After buying an e-bike, Jan and Fia no longer felt the need for the car and sold the car. In other words, their e-bike has replaced the car!

Why did you get an e-bike?

A few years ago I had a restaurant where I had a guest who sold electric bikes. He spoke highly of this vehicle and I became interested. Since the restaurant was located in the centre of the city and it wasn't ideal to have a car because of the high cost and lack of parking spaces, I thought it would be good to have an electric bike for running errands. Plus, I could put my logo on it and advertise my business at the same time. So I bought an electric bike, attached a box to the front where I could put my goods and put my logo on it.

How long have you been cycling on an e-bike?

My first electric bike was an imported e-bike and I bought it about eight years ago. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good quality and it kept breaking down. If it wasn't the battery, it was the gears or something else.

Why did you ultimately choose an Ecoride e-bike?

I liked the whole idea of an electric bike but wasn't happy with the one I had and that's when I came into contact with Ecoride. I was probably only in the shop once or twice before I decided to buy an Ecoride e-bike. It felt like their products were solid and the people working there in the shop and workshop were not only friendly but also seemed knowledgeable in their field.

How has the e-bike changed your daily life?

I can't say that I used to use public transport much before I got my electric bike, but now I don't use it at all, which is good in these pandemic times. As for driving a car, it went down noticeably. And it's so nice to cycle and not have to think about parking and parking fees.

Where do you use your e-bike?

I cycle every day in all weather conditions, all year round. It is more an exception than a rule that you would see me in the city without my e-bike.

Are you cycling more/taking the car less since the purchase?

I actually also bought an e-bike for my wife and after a year or so we sold our car. We replaced our car with our new e-bikes!

"Jan's bike is much cooler than mine, but I cycle Vasastan - Hjällbo and back, so I chose a more robust electric bike," says Fia.

What are your plans for you and your e-bikes now that spring is just around the corner?

Since I cycle all year round, I don't have any plans other than that I have to do a service after a tough winter. Then I can't wait to cycle up to the golf club and start playing golf.

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