Ecoride cargo e-bike – A 3-wheeled beauty.

This product has been in development for two years. We carried out extensive testing to achieve the same quality in our cargo bike as we have in the rest of the EcoRide range. After considerable research, we decided to build a three wheeled e-bike with extra broad tyres for increased comfort and stability. We also chose to use sturdier rims from Ryde and high quality spokes from Sapim, which can cope with the extra load the bike is intended for. Because a cargo bike weighs more and is loaded more heavily than a normal e-bike, we have equipped the Loader with our largest battery, at 19,2 Ah. This means the bike still has a long range. After testing a number of different cargo bikes, we also decided to have hydraulic disc brakes instead of mechanical ones. This is partly because the parking brake is much more effective, but also because it makes braking much more even. We have also chosen to equip the bike with 180 mm disks to give even better braking. So the bike works optimally with a mid-drive motor, we have equipped our cargo bike with Shimano’s new E-bike gear hub. This hub has been developed by Shimano to handle the increased forces on the drivetrain from a mid-drive motor. The cargo bike is also equipped with all of the accessories you’d expect, such as full mudguards, a rear luggage carrier, certified Abus locks and lighting – which, of course, is linked to the electric system.

The result is a stable and well equipped cargo bike with a mid-drive Bafang motor. Loader is equipped with the EcoRide Drive System C3 display and a large 19,2 Ah battery with Panasonic cells. EcoRide’s cargo e-bike will be available soon near you.

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