The electric bike has become an alternative to the car

An important part for Ecoride in giving our customers the best possible service, is our employees. In this article we meet Rikard, Store Manager in our Malmö concept store, who tells us about his Ecoride story and what a day in the store can look like.

Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Rikard?

My name is Rikard, I'm 33 years old and from Malmö. When I'm not working at Ecoride, I play a lot of Padel, like half of Sweden's population. Apart from that, I like making music and travelling around the world.

What does a day in the Ecoride shop look like for you?

A day at Ecoride includes meeting and greeting our fantastic customers, assembling bikes and taking orders.

What is the role of store manager like?

As a store manager, I have a more general responsibility. I make sure that the business in the store runs smoothly with all that it may entail.

How long have you worked at Ecoride?

I've been at Ecoride for four years!

Who visits Ecoride and for what reasons?

All kinds of people visit us - from students to retirees and the range is huge. I think the biggest reason people come here is that many people may have a longer distance to their jobs and don't want to take the car. Then an e-bike can be a good alternative.

Do you ride an electric bike and if so, what model?

I ride a black Ecoride Ambassador H8, a real classic in our range.

How has the market changed since you started at Ecoride?

The target group has become broader. When I started here, it was mostly older people who bought an electric bike. Today we see something completely different. People are also prepared to spend more money on an electric bike than before. I also think people are thinking more and more about selling their car.

What is the best thing about working at Ecoride?

The best thing about working at Ecoride is the genuine and close contact you get with the customers. It's simply a good chat!

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