Time to give your e-bike some service?

Time for some service and extra love for your e-bike?

Don't recognise your beloved e-bike? Has it started making strange noises? Doesn't it run as usual? A puncture? Has it been a long time since your e-bike got some extra love? To get as many years as possible with your e-bike it's important to take care of it and give it service. This article gives you tips on what you can do to prevent problems with your e-bike and what to think about when problems occur.

A serviced e-bike is a happy e-bike

How often your e-bike will need servicing varies, of course. It depends on how much you use your e-bike. A frequently used e-bike will need servicing more often than an e-bike not on the roads as often. The type of environment you cycle in also plays a role. Thus, the winter cyclist will need to take care of their bike more than those who only cycle during the summer.

You can easily do some maintenance by yourself, especially preventive upkeeping, but it's good to let a professional look at your bike occasionally. Even if your e-bike is going smoothly, it's good to hand it in for professional maintenance to ensure that your e-bike lasts for many years. A frequently used e-bike should be serviced every sixth month for extensive maintenance and occasionally for minor maintenance. For less frequently used e-bikes, a professional service every 12th months is enough. Remember that your e-bike needs authorized service to maintain the three-year warranty.

e-bike ecoride service
A serviced e-bike is a happy e-bike

Firstly, keep your e-bike safe and tidy.

An e-bike is designed to withstand harsh weather, but to prevent wear and tear you should always keep it indoors or under a roof when parked. The e-bike has many components that you should handle carefully. Always remove your battery when the bike is left standing. Read further to learn the best way to take care of your battery.

When cleaning your e-bike, make sure that the battery and the display are not exposed to too much water to prevent damage. Wipe them off with a slightly damp cloth if dirty.

Give your e-bike chain some love and service!

There is a lot you can do to prevent wear and tear on your e-bike. Just like a regular bike you need to keep the chain tidy. If the chain looks dirty and rusty or has started to sound different, it's time for some love. Use a degreaser to remove old grease and excess oil, remove the dirt and re-oil the chain with new oil. Between oiling the chain, remove dirt with a clean cloth when necessary. As mentioned earlier, you need to upkeep your e-bike during the winter. Salt and gravel can cause a malfunctioning chain.

The battery is the heart of the e-bike

The battery is the heart of the e-bike. Without it your e-bike would just be a regular bike. A battery can last many years if handled correctly. To increase the life span, don't let it fully discharge. If you don't use your e-bike for a while, store the battery in a dry and cool place in a vertical position and recharge it once a month. A good rule of thumb is to keep the battery charged to 60-70%. During charging, keep the battery in a vertical position to avoid damage. Always charge in room temperature. If your battery is not working or has visible damage, take it to a professional service center to get the right help. Also, remember that the battery is at high risk of theft and should always be taken with you when your e-bike is left unattended.

How do I give service to the e-bike tires?

Without working tires, you won't get far on your e-bike. The wheels are subject to wear and tear that can lead to a puncture. If you have a punctured tire on your e-bike, you can come in for a service to get it fixed. Keeping the tires inflated reduces the risk of a puncture. Make it a habit to check if your tires are inflated and not dry or cracked. Wash your bike wheels regularly as dirt will dry them out.

…. and think about the safety!

On snowy, icy, and slippery days, you should use studded tires to make your cycling as safe as possible. Thus, switch to studded tires before the winter season starts to ensure you can use your e-bike when ice and snow cover the cycle paths. Store your regular bike tires cleaned in a cool, dark, and dry space while not in use. If you need help switching wheels we will happily do it for you in one of our workshops.

e-bike ecoride service
Do you need a hand changing tires? We will help you!

Brake short, hard and firm.

If your breaks squeal when you brake, it might be something wrong with them. Or it could simply be your braking technique that is the problem. The best way to brake is short, hard and firm. So if you're more of a cautious biker, you should think differently when breaking.
Depending on whether you have a disc or a hydraulic brake on your e-bike, different types of problems can occur. When you feel that your brakes are not taking, we always recommend that you come in and get help in one of our service workshops for troubleshooting and repair so that your e-bike runs as safely as possible.

Don't know what's wrong with your e-bike?

Does something with your e-bike not feel right and you don't know the cause? We always recommend you come into one of our service centers for troubleshooting. Before you bring your e-bike in for service, there are things you can do to make the troubleshooting process easier for the service staff. Start by switching on your display to see if it stays on or goes off after a while. Doing this will help rule out whether the problem is related to the engine. If the display shows an error code, this is also helpful information. Then move on to the pedals. Does the e-bike make noise when you pedal? If so, where does the sound seem to come from? The last thing to check is whether the motor works when you use the walk assist. Find out here where you can get your Ecoride e-bike serviced.

e-bike ecoride service
In our workshops we will help troubleshooting your e-bike.

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