Tips to the winter e-cyclist

Winter comes with harsher conditions for both the cyclist and the e-bike, depending on where you live of course. But that doesn't mean that you can't commute with your e-bike!
It is important to wear the right clothes, use safety reflectors and that your e-bike has the right conditions, for you to get the best cycling experience.
Here are some more tips to the winter e-cyclist.

1. Wear the right clothes

The biggest mistake you can make is wearing the wrong clothes. If you freeze a bit when you walk out - you have the right clothes on. Layering and breathable clothes are keys. Good protective pants and warm gloves are also important.
During the coldest of days, it is nice with a hat, balaclava or scarf under your helmet. Basically: there are no bad weathers, only bad clothes!

2. Safety first

Choose a high-visibility helmet and a reflective west. We recommend everybody who cycles in the dark to use at least one light, a white front light and a red rear light. Many e-bikes have a built-in lamp in the battery and some also come with a front light.

3. Always charge your battery indoors

The battery's capacity deteriorates in the cold. A cold battery won’t give the same effect, which will affect the motor's performance. Hence it’s always best for the battery to be charged indoors.

4. Oil your chain and wash your bike regularly

Your e-bike, and above all the chain, are very exposed in the winter. Gravel and salt are two of the worst enemies. If your chain is oiled it will help prevent wear and tear. Wash gravel and salt from your e-bike and oil your chain will increase your e-bike's longevity.

5. Studded tires for the e-bike

Finally, the winter e-cyclist should invest in some good winter tires. They will help when icy on the roads and make your bike ride safer. Cornering, braking and acceleration could be a safety risk with ordinary tires. 

Do you live in a city where snow and rain will turn to ice under your feet? Invest in good studded tires for your travel companion, and always make sure that your tires have enough air in them.

We hope that these tips to the winter e-cyclist will make the harsher seasons a bit more fun. Do you need assistance with changing tires or do you have other questions about winter cycling - contact our experts in our Ecoride concept stores!

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Winter e-cyclist
Winter road cycling can be amazing!

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