Two Ecoride models praised in Aftonbladet’s test 2019

Both the Ambassador and Sensei (now Ambassador H–8) models of e-bike were represented in the test, which was published on 23 April 2019. For us, it’s self-evident to offer high quality e-bikes together with a complete service network. Owning an EcoRide e-bike should be straightforward.

EcoRide's Ambassador has been a very popular e-bike for many years and has achieved top marks in several product tests. The Sensei version has also received very high scores, not least in Aftonbladet’s e-bike test in 2018, with the Sense comfort frame. 

Here’s an extract from the test jury’s comments. 

The jury’s opinion of Ambassador:

“Ambassador is a model that EcoRide released several years ago and which is only slightly updated with each year’s model. This year’s Ambassador has a very comfortable saddle and is a good commuter bike for moderate distances. One plus is that the price tag isn’t horribly big. A very good buy.”

The jury’s opinion of Sensei:

“EcoRide make good e-bikes. But they also cost more than several others in the test. Sensei is a stylish and attractive e-bike with a traditional design. We don’t test the bikes over several years, and the sturdy e-bikes from EcoRide will perhaps last longer than several of their competitors. If you can afford one and you want a reliable purchase, this is a good option.” 

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