How do I buy an EcoRide bike?

We sell our e-bikes through a network of specialised resellers.

This means that our EcoRide bikes are sold through an exclusive and trusted network of authorised resellers and collaboration partners. Because our modern e-bikes are complex products, it’s a major advantage for you as a customer to be sure that the initial assembly, servicing and spare parts are handled by someone with expert knowledge and experience. For example, our resellers can help you with advice, delivery, servicing and support of your EcoRide bike.

At EcoRide, we believe it’s important to work closely with serious partners who can deliver long-term service and advice to our customers.

Here on our website, we provide you with useful descriptions of our products, together with information that will help you find an authorised reseller near you. You can also buy your EcoRide e-bike directly here on our website, using Click & Collect, and have it delivered assembled and inspected to one of our resellers for you to collect it yourself.

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