Flexer HS H-9 20 - Yellow
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COLOR: Yellow

Flexer HS H-9 20

Compact and fast e-bike with 9 speeds and quality components.

The Flexer H-9 is an ideal e-bike for shorter distances and city commuting. 20 inch wheels, medium height step-through and hydraulic disk brakes. The EcoRide Drive System, with a colour display and powerful 16 Ah battery, together with the hub motor on the rear wheel, provide an enjoyable and fast cycle feel. Front AVS platform together with stylish rear pannier bracket for all your carrying needs.

✓ Number of gears: 9
✓ Colors: Yellow
✓ Assist levels: 5 (off, low, mid, high, power)
✓ Frame type: Foldable
✓ Wheel size: 20 inches (cyclist length: 155-185 cm)
✓ Break: Shimano hydraulic disc breaks; front and bak
✓ System: Ecoride Drive System
✓ Motor: Rear-wheel hub motor 250 Watt
✓ Range on one charge: 40-85 km
✓ Warranty: 2 years (3 years if authorized serviced)

Order at www.ecoride.se (Sweden and Denmark)
Order at www.ecoride.no (Norway)
Order at www.larunpyora.com (Finland)

AVS-system bicycle click system

The AVS-system creates modern and modular transport solutions, with its unique click system. You can click on both baskets and bags in various sizes.

The Swedish E-bike Manufacturer

All our e-bike are built and tested in our own factory in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ecoride Drive System – The system

Our own E-bike system which includes all the necessary components and benifits of a modern e-bike system.

200 dealers and three own stores.

Except our 200 dealers in Scandinavia we also have three of own stores in Sweden, in the cities Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. If you want to test-ride a Ecoride or ask an e-bike related question, you are more than welcome to visit us.

Developed for good balance

All our e-bikes are developed to be as safe and balansed as possible. Thats why we have the battery in a low and centralised position.

Disc brake

With disc brakes you get a safe and reaction fast brake function.

Part of the Flexer serie

This is our cargo series. The electric bike 2.0 is made for you who wants to transport all your stuff by bike.

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Battery capacity Ah
16 Ah
Battery capacity Wh
576 Wh
Battery detachable
This describes whether or not the e-bike battery can be removed from the bicycle. READ MORE
Battery lock
The battery on an e-bike can be equipped with a lock that makes it possible to lock the battery to the e-bike.READ MORE
Battery position
The battery position can vary quite a lot between different e-bikes.READ MORE
Mounted between seat post tube and rear wheel. This battery position gives the bike a low and good center of gravity which makes the bike more stable to drive.
Battery voltage
Battery voltage is stated in volts (V). e-bike batteries are usually 24V or 36V.READ MORE
36 V
Charging cycles
The number of charges refers to how many times you can recharge an e-bike battery. READ MORE
800 charging cycles (If battery is taken care of according to the manuals instructions)
Charging time
The charging time is how long it takes to charge an e-bike battery. READ MORE
Around 3 hours (That is if battery is completely empty. You can also charge the battery when it is not completely empty and the charging time is faster)
e-bike battery
Ecoride Drive System Battery powerpack 576 Wh
E-bike charger
As the name implies, you use an e-bike charger to charge the battery for an e-bike.READ MORE
Ecoride Drive System e-bike Charger 4A, PC4, Higo plug
Range on one charge
The range is how far you can cycle with active pedal assist from the electric motor on one charge. READ MORE
Up to 85 km (The possible riding range of the e-bike depends on many factors like road conditions, assistance mode, passenger weight, air pressure wheel tubes etc etc)


Basket / Platform
Yes, AVS front platform (included). (Possible to click on AVS various baskets and boxes (these are not included in the price))
Bicycle lock
Sometimes a bicycle lock is included when you buy a bicycle or e-bike. In this case, the bicycle lock is often mounted to the bicycle frame. READ MORE
Yes, Abus 5850 shield
Brake front
Bicycles and e-bikes have different types of bicycle brakes for the front wheel. READ MORE
Shimano hydraulisk disc brake, MT-200
Brake rear
Bicycles and e-bikes have different types of bicycle brakes for the rear wheel. READ MORE
Shimano hydraulisk disc brake, MT-200
Chain guard
Yes, cover the crank
Yes, front and rear, SKS
Front light
Yes, powered by the main battery, activated on display
Herrmans, Lockable Grip Clik DD37BL
Handlebars are available in a range of designs, colours and thicknesses.READ MORE
Yes, height adjustable
Sport pedals
Rear carrier/rack
Luggage carrier design and function varies from one model to another. READ MORE
Rear light
Yes, powered by the main battery, activated on display
Selle Royal, Freeway CITY, with royal gel
Seat post
Saddle posts are available in different standards and thicknesses. READ MORE
Tiltable seat post (Which allows possibility to remove the battery)
The stem connects the handlebars to the bike. READ MORE
Quill stem, stem angle not adjustable


Assist levels
Most e-bikes on the market have a number of different assistant levels on the display. READ MORE
5 modes, Off, Low, Mid, High, Power
e-bike display
E-bikes often have a display on the handlebars providing the rider with information about the electrical system and the ability to change some settings.READ MORE
Ecoride Drive System e-bike display C3, color screen, mounted on left or right side of handle bar
LED/LCD display
Screen color/B/W
Color screen
Walk assist
Walk assist is a function that’s common in e-bikes. READ MORE


Bottom bracket
Bottom bracket for Ecoride Drive System e-bikes
Casette / Sprocket
Shimano cassette 9 gears, 11-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32 teeth
Chain / Belt
A bicycle chain is constructed from a certain number of steel links.READ MORE
KMC, Quality bicycle chain
Front sprocket
Front sprocket 52 teeth
Gear shift lever
The gear control on a bicycle or e-bike is what makes it possible to change gear. READ MORE
Shimano Alivio
Gears rear (derailleur)
Shimano Sora, Rear Derailleur 9-speed


AVS compatibility
AVS (AtranVelo System) is a click-in system for bicycle baskets and bags from the company AtranVelo. READ MORE
Front, fork mounted AVS platform (included). Head tube mounted AVS platform compatible (not included)
e-bike system
The e-bike system consists of the systems and components the e-bike needs to function. READ MORE
Ecoride Drive System
Fork information
Fork type
Just like normal bikes, e-bikes can be equipped with either a rigid front fork or a front suspension fork. READ MORE
Frame material
Frame type
Bicycle frames are divided into several different categories. READ MORE
GPS compatibility
GPS compatible. Smart communication with the controller box of the e-bike
Number of gears
9 gears
Recommended height
Recommended height 165-195 cm
Recommended max weight
Recommended max weight 125 kg
Type of e-bike
The most common types of e-bike are: standard e-bike, sport e-bike, compact e-bike, folding e-bike, cargo e-bike, and e-mountain bike (e-mtb).READ MORE
Compact e-bike
Warranty info
2 years (3 if authorized serviced)
24 kg including battery


Bike speed with assistnace
Pedal assist has a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which is in line with EU regulations on e-bikes. READ MORE
25 km/h (It´s possible to ride faster, but without assistance)
E-bike motor type
Ecoride Drive System R5 e-bike hub motor, with smart connector for easy removal of wheel
Motor position
E-bike hub motor for rear wheel
Motor rated power
250 Watt
Sensor type
How an e-bike’s motor provides pedal assist is determined by factors including the type of sensor on the e-bike. READ MORE
Cadence sensor


Front hub
The front hub is the centre of the front wheel where the rotation mechanism is. READ MORE
Shimano front hub, for centerlock rotor
Rear hub
The rear hub is the centre of the back wheel where the rotation mechanism is. READ MORE
Ecoride Drive System R5 rear motor hub
Bicycle tyres are available with different sizes, patterns, colours and characteristics.READ MORE
Schwalbe, Super Moto-X, 62-406 (20×2.40),with reflective stripe
Tube valve
Bicycle valves are a subject that tend to cause a certain amount of confusion, so it can be useful to know what type of valve you have before replacing an inner tube.READ MORE
Schrader, AV
Wheel rim
Buchel dynamic, double layer aluminum rim
Wheel size
Bicycle wheels come in many different sizes. Everything from 7 to 29 inches.READ MORE
20 inch

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