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Type of e-bike

The most common types of e-bike are: standard e-bike, sport e-bike, compact e-bike, folding e-bike, cargo e-bike, and e-mountain bike (e-mtb). Standard e-bikes can vary depending on where in the world you are. On the Nordic market, the term refers to an e-bike with high comfort levels in the form of an upright and comfortable riding position, easily controlled gear system and encapsulated gears, and equipped with components such as a closed chain guard, luggage carrier, basket and lighting. Sport e-bikes tend to have a more angled riding position, with straighter handlebars. The specifications for electric sport bikes generally include characteristics such as externally mounted gear systems and suspension forks. A compact e-bike is an e-bike with smaller wheels and frame, which means that it takes up less storage space. A folding e-bike has a mechanism on the frame allowing it to be folded for storage or transport. Cargo e-bikes are equipped with a large carrying area in the form of a platform or box, making it possible to transport children or large amounts of luggage. E-mountain bikes (e-mtbs) are a development of standard mountain bikes, equipped with an electric motor system. Just like their namesake, they’re used for mountain biking.

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