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Chain / Belt

A bicycle chain is constructed from a certain number of steel links. The chain length depends on aspects such as wheel size, gear system type and frame construction. Bicycle chains can be rustproofed to minimise corrosion. Bicycle chains should be lubricated to last longer and minimise corrosion. On belt-driven cycles, a belt takes the place of the bicycle chain. A bicycle belt is a specific length and cannot be modified retrospectively like a bicycle chain. The length of a bicycle built depends on aspects such as wheel size, gear system and frame construction. Belt drive is possible on e-bikes and bicycles with a gear system that has a front sprocket and a rear sprocket. In other words, belt drive is not possible on an e-bike with externally mounted gears, where there is more than one rear sprocket, because the belt position is fixed and it cannot move laterally like a bicycle chain.

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